Happy New Year and have an amazing 2017

I wish you an amazing 2017. On Hogmany I spent some time reflecting on my year in 2016. I feel very blessed and following during my time of reflection and since I have had a big cheesy smile on my face….I am blessed to have had many awesome adventures as well as lots of very simple pleasures like baking Christmas cake with my mum Mags, my sister Sharon and her adorable children Niamh, Josh and Gracie, mixing our Christmas wish into the fruit before baking the cake. Lottie and Betsy my wee Yorkies fighting to give me the best welcome on returning home, delighting in the robin red breast nesting in my garden and watching the glorious sunset from my treatment room.

Last year was filled with not just work but travel, golf, spending time with family and friends who I cherish and love dearly. I feel blessed and grateful for my health. I am very fortunate to do a job that I love and fulfills me. I am grateful to all of my fantastic clients who have placed their trust in me and the therapies I offer. It has been very humbling watching clients grow and transform their lives by changing their past limiting beliefs to self-enhancing new beliefs [ no longer claustrophobic, fearless at presenting to large numbers, resolving Post Traumatic Stress – and resolving allergies to name some]. I never cease to be amazed by the changes Acupuncture and PSYCH-K can offer. It is especially humbling when clients fall pregnant and start a new chapter in their lives.

Like many of you I start my New Year with a resolution – no, not losing weight or signing up to a gym ….this year I’m resolving to have a year of Gratitude! I have bought a lovely notebook and I will call it my “Gratitude” journal. I will start and end each day by writing in 3 things I am grateful for and why I’m grateful. Doing this will ensure that I begin and end my day in a state of gratitude. I believe it’s much better to start and end the day with positive and lovely thoughts as opposed to waking up and going to bed with thoughts of worry and negativity.

Why don’t you try it? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Have a magical 2017 filled with health, love, prosperity.