I had an amazing opportunity recently to spend time as well as train with Rob Williams [ PSYCH-K originator and author of The Missing Peace in Your Life ] and Dr Bruce Lipton
. The 4 day event took place in Taos, New Mexico in July this year. There were a total of 80 participants, 25 instructors and 15 different countries represented at the course. During the 4 days I was priviledged to share in the wisdom and knowledge of so many beautiful and awesome people. PSYCH-K is amazing and since my initial training 6 years ago followed by additional advanced courses it has helped me transform my life by changing not only many of my limiting beliefs, as well as those of my clients. I even stood up in front of all the participants in Taos and posed a few questions to Rob and Bruce ….which was awesome as in the past I would aim to be invisable and shy away from public speaking. This video is a wee snap shot of Rob and Bruce chatting about PSYCH-K. I hope you take time out to watch, listen and enjoy 🙂 Who knows – it may inspire you to think about trying PSYCH-K for yourself. Elaine 🙂