Acupuncture For Fertility

Fertility acupuncture Glasgow where Elaine has completed several postgraduate acupuncture courses in fertility and has gained considerable experience in treating couples trying to conceive naturally or medically assisted by IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and/or IVF.

When you visit Elaine for an initial consultation she will spend time discussing your health, fertility issues, diet and lifestyle. Following the consultation, Elaine will recommend a treatment plan and possible lifestyle suggestions that may help you and or your partner. Elaine will use Acupuncture and perhaps PSYCH-K to help reduce your stress and anxiety, help regulate your menstrual cycle and support the various stages of IUI or IVF.

Acupuncture and PSYCH-K may also help with male fertility issues.

In recent years there have been a number of research studies which have suggested that Acupuncture may help various aspects of fertility.

If you have any questions relating to fertility issues you may be experiencing please call Elaine on 0141 585 7904 or email Elaine at info@elainecollinsacupuncture.co.uk

How acupuncture can help Infertility in women

How acupuncture can help with miscarriages

I started acupuncture with Elaine at the recommended 3 months before IVF treatment. I wanted to do everything I possibly could to try for a successful outcome. I had heard acupuncture had been proven to be effective, especially with fertility issues. The treatments not only helped me to relax during a stressful time but Elaine offered me a great deal of well-researched lifestyle advice which I personally felt helped to cultivate a positive outlook and attitude.

Elaine’s knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment all contribute to her being a fantastic acupuncture therapist and feel I owe so much to her. I have no doubt at all that Elaine’s work was instrumental in helping me achieve the positive result I had longed for. My husband and I are now over the moon to now be able to tell people that I am expecting twins!



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